• Commercial


Hotels and Restaurants

  • Using soft water hotels can save up to 40% on detergents for laundry systems
  • It protects life of appliances (Dish wash unit, purifiers, boilers,etc) at kitchen and reduces the maintenance cost.
  • The maintenance benefit is that your fixtures and plumbing equipments will last longer when these harsh minerals are reduced.
  • It allows to save money on repairs and replacements.
  • There will be less strains and more shines on all items at Hotels and Restaurants
  • It extends the life of your pipe work, shower heads and taps.

Resorts and Farms

  • Scale build up in boilers, plumbing fixtures and ice makers are reduced.
  • Increased life span of equipment and lower maintenance costs.
  • Improves spa experiences.
  • Spotless dishes, table ware.
  • It enhances the beauty of swimming pool and softened water
  • Smooth and efficient operation of boilers and cooling systems are essential to maximize the comfort of your guests at minimal operating cost.

Construction Site

  • Soft water has a direct impact on the strength of the motor and cement concrete in the construction work.
  • Strong consistency, perfect mixing of cement, sand and concrete.
  • Walls and bricks absorb water perfectly, make strong, prevent cracks.
  • It makes walls, ceiling, pillars and bricks crack free and strong.
  • Prevents all kinds of scales, cleans well and protects machinery.
  • Makes the construction strong, strengthening the pillars, walls, bricks and ceilings.