Hard water problems

Water described as “hard“ means it is high in dissolved minerals, specifically Calcium and Magnesium.
It cause mineral build up in water pipes and heating systems and its poor soap performance when compared with soft water.

To over come all the hard water problems our efficient team have
come forward with an innovative idea of ZERO MAINTANCE ZOFTNOR WATER SOFTENER.

It is one and only one solution for all your hard water problems

Anti Corrosion

Pipes Protection

Removes existing scaling, prevents scaling and rust formation, corrosion reducer in plumbing pipe fittings, blockages of showers & pipes


Life Protection

Protects and extends the Appliances life of Geysers, Steam Generators, Fast Water Heating, Reduces electricity bill.

Hair Protection

Stops Dryness

Prevents hair fall & dry hair, encourages hair growth, gives smooth, silky and healthy hair.

Baby & Adult

Skin Protection

Prevents, Dryness, Itching, Rash,
Dry Skin and Acne. Protect skin color and gives smooth and glowing skin.

Crops & Plants

Healthy Growth

Improves soil structure and PH for better and more crop production. Increase health growth
rate of the plants.

Cloth Life


Removes dirt on clothes, protects cloth texture and color, cleans with less soap

Target Segments





Aqua Culture



Swimming Pool

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Bounten established in the year 2015, Bounten is among the prominent manufacturers, service providers and distributors of zero maintenance ZOFTNOR (Water Softener). It believes in continuous innovation as the key driving force for success which drives through our premium quality ZOFTNOR.

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