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Management Profile


Mr. Srinivas

Managing Director -MD is blessed with high experience of 25 years in execution of the business strategies, implementing comprehensive business plans and market development activities for national and international wide. He is good public speaker with excellent organizational and leader ship skills with outstanding technical knowledge.

Mr. J.Chandra Shekar

Chief Executive Officer -CEO of the company is engaged with development and manufacturing of various equipments related to water treatment, formulating policies and planning recommendations to the board, making higher quality investing decisions for more than 25 years. He holds a deep knowledge of the market and growth of the company. He over seas promotion, delivery and quality of programs.

Mr. B.Krishna Murthy

Chief Operation Officer -COO heads the business operation for the company at all levels along with framing operations policies, development of operations strategies. He got 25 years rich experience in water treatment/effluent treatment/RO based membranes/DM plant/Ion-exchange resin. During his research he came forward with an innovative idea of zero maintenance water softener which removes the existing scale from the pipe lines to the residential application. Under his supervision more than 5000 water softener installations in India were installed till now.