• Testimonials


We are happy that we have pure drinking water. Our clothes looks better while washing, especially the whites. And the best thing is the orange streaks in the washroom and shower are gone.-Ram from Hyderabad

Due to water softener,my hair and skin are softer, my dishes are spot free, and my appliances last longer, they are no longer getting plugged with calcium. I highly recommend this. -Sonali from Secundrabad

I’m amazed with the result of the product. The main highlight for me is the water change which I have observed from my water heater. -Vaishali from Chennai

Before installing the unit due to hard water i was not able to use my water heater because whenever i started it the water coming out from it was white in colour due to calcium and magnesium deposits. Thanks for the solution. -Vijayendra Varma from Bhimavaram

The water quality has improved drastically. I can feel the softness in the water and earlier feeling of itchiness on using the water is felt no more! -Shakshi Sinha from Delhi