• Zoftnor


Zoftnor is a "state of art" in water softeners with most advanced intelligent German-based Technology. It is specially designed keeping in mind the changing water quality and removing the existing scale from pipelines. It gives you the most advanced water quality standards.

Working principle of ZOFTNOR

  • The water from the bore is first filtered from the pre-filtered from the pre-filter. It removes physical impurities.
  • From Pre-filter, the water passes through the converter in which water structure converts into nanoparticles.
  • These nanoparticles pass through rare earth metals using metal alloys treatment which increases the level of PH in water
  • This water is passed through powerful Neodym magnet, in which the rare earth metals hold negative ions and the minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium holds positives ions both these ions get attracted and then it converts to soft water.

Product advantages

  • Advanced ergonomics to match your modern style.
  • PH Enhancer.
  • Quick and customer friendly service.


  • No water wastage
  • Chemical and salt free
  • No electricity
  • Zero maintenance